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They say it's a 'man's world'... so what does that mean for the rest of us?

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We live in a world built by, and for, men. Our existing systems and hierarchies stem from a long history of excluding women. So what happens when half the population is shoehorned into a male-based infrastructure?

Featuring interviews with those who explore our world through the female gaze, The Story of Woman podcast looks at everything from the economy, healthcare, gender roles, and more. Each episode dives deep into where we are, how we got here, and what still needs to be changed in order to (finally) rewrite the story of mankind to become the story of humankind.

To us, ‘woman’ means all those who presently identify as such - regardless of which body they were born with. This includes other marginalized genders such as those who identify as non-binary, gender fluid, or anywhere else on the spectrum of gender.

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Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair: How Women Make Change Happen

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