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The Trouble Club

The Trouble Club is a female-led members club that hosts the finest voices on everything from politics to fiction. They all happen to be women. 

Trouble is a special society where women and men can learn from different speakers at talks, discussions and intimate dinners. They are here to enliven your mind, to expand your circle of friends, and to build a society of smart and engaged people.


What's more? They recently had Gloria Steinem as a speaker!

As well as other incredible women like Laura Kuenssberg, Elif Shafak and Baroness Lady Hale. 

Visit The Trouble Club website to learn more

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Elect Her

Elect Her is a non-partisan organisation which inspires, encourages and supports women to run for political office in the UK. They help women break down barriers entering politics by demystifying the process through workshops, events and peer support circles. 


33% of elected representatives are women, although women make up 51% of the population. Elect Her are committed to improving the equal representation of all women and deliver events for specific communities, such as Women of Colour, women with disabilities or women in rural locations. Through their tiered workshop series and support focused on getting started, getting involved, getting ready to stand and selection and election, Elect Her can equip you with knowledge, confidence and skills for entering politics in the UK, whilst introducing you to a supportive community of women on the same journey.

Visit the Elect Her website to learn more

The Feminist Shop

The Feminist Shop is an ethical brand that covers all basis to fuel your feminism. From free content and resources, to over 400 book titles, and a large selection of ethical products to make statements and start conversations. All while giving back, in every sale, to great feminist associations making a great impact!

Visit The Feminist Shop to start shopping and learn more

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Bookshop.org is an online bookshop with a mission to help local, independent bookstores thrive in the age of e-commerce.

When you buy books online from Bookshop.org, you support your local community and benefit independent bookstores.

Visit the Bookshop.org website to learn more

The Know

The Know is a new media company you really need to know about.

Do you find the news totally overwhelming and negative - but you also don’t want to turn a blind eye to important issues? The Know was made for you. Their daily newsletter tackles the biggest issues of the day in an informative, yet easy-to-read way. It focuses on how to take action on the things you care about and always includes an uplifting story. The newsletter takes less than 5 minutes to read and is personalised based on your location.

Read more and sign up to The Know from their website