What's the story?


They say it’s a man’s world...
so what does that mean for woman?

This podcast-community is on a mission to find out.

Everything in our world has been influenced by that fact man designed and led all aspects of it without the inclusion or consideration of woman. Her being, and her story, have been a footnote. While some implications of this fact are clear - the wage gap, lack of women in leadership - most consequences are so deeply embedded they appear to be inherent parts of life.

To answer these questions, and see the full picture, we need to look at our story through the perspective that's been left out: woman's.

The Story of Woman is dedicated to doing just that. Each episode will feature an interview with an author who has written a part of woman’s story - looking at the economy, healthcare, gender roles, and more - exploring where we are, how we got here and what still needs to be changed.

From a man's world to mother nature, our world is shaped by gender. So when one half is left out, the story of humankind becomes something else entirely. By adding women back in, we will begin to understand what it means to be fully human and discover a better path forward, for all people.

Women’s voices are not being heard. Women are more than half our culture. If half the adults in our culture have no voice, half the world’s experience is not being attended to, learned from, or built upon. Humanity is only half what we could be.

-Nicola Griffith

In addition to telling woman's story, I hope to bring together women and allies to connect, learn from each other and recognise that no one is alone in their experience. There may be additional, listener-led episodes with a compilation of your thoughts, experiences and recommendations on the topics discussed.

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That is the podcast,
and you are the community

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