The Story of Woman teaser

The Story of Woman teaser

The consequences of woman's exclusion from our world are so deeply embedded that they are all but impossible to see, unless you are looking. Through interviews with authors of non-fictions books, each episode explores a different part of our world through the perspective it is missing: woman’s.

From a man's world to mother nature, our world is shaped by gender. So when one half is left out, the story of humankind becomes something else entirely. By adding women back in, we will begin to understand what it means to be fully human and discover a better path forward, for all people.

This episode contains a sneak peak of season one, which includes conversations with:
Mary Ann Sieghart - The Authority Gap
Katrine Marçal - Mother of Invention
Gina Rippon - The Gendered Brain
Farida D. - Rants of a Rebel Arab Feminist
Elinor Cleghorn - Unwell Women
Krystale E. Littlejohn - Just Get on the Pill
Paula Stone Williams - As a Woman
Katrina Majkut - The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride
Asha Dahya - Today's Wonder Women

Episode transcript:

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